BoGeTec - the Company

BoGeTec GmbH has been developing, producing and marketing innovative rehab products "Made in Germany" since 2006 with the aim of achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction through high-quality and functional products.
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Mobility, Quality, Flexibility

MOBILITY, QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY are keywords that are very important to us.
The aim of BoGeTec GmbH is to achieve the highest level of wishes of our customers so that they can live and enjoy the experiences and benefits of "mobile togetherness" with their families and friends.
We spare no effort to meet these requirements. We manufacture to a high standard of quality, offer an appealing design and also carry out individual adaptations and customer wishes.
The close cooperation with our customers, therapists and the supervising rehabilitation staff enables optimal supply for small and large customers.

True to our guiding principle

"We bring mobility - for the WHOLE family"
We are also open to unusual and individual supplies and, if possible, implement them in our "Special design" category.
We look forward to new challenges and to convincing you of our commitment and passion
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